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We have been thinking a lot about discipline lately. We all know that we can’t succeed without it, and yet few people seem to possess it. We think the idea of discipline can be captured in this question: 

Can we make ourselves do something we don’t want to do so we can get a result that we do want? 

If we can answer YES, then we’re disciplined. Interestingly, we find that many people can answer YES in some areas of their lives but must say NO in others. 

So, what’s the key to consistently acting with discipline? We believe it’s being aware of our future priorities and acting with those priorities in mind in the present. That’s easier said than done, so we offer five steps that we believe build discipline. 

Step 1: Identify Your Goal
If we are going to succeed, we must be specific about our goal. We must be able to see it. Writing it down is helpful, and while we’re at it, adding a “by when” deadline works too. For example, I will lose 10 pounds by December 31, 2020. We’ll use this example for the rest of the post so we can see how the steps relate.

Step 2: List Your Reasons
In our experience, this is often a critical missing piece in setting goals and having the discipline to achieve them. Accomplishing a goal is made possible by the fuel of motivation. Questions such as “Why is this goal important to me?” and “What happens if I achieve it?” can be important in identifying our motivation. We encourage writing our motivations in the affirmative. Acquiring something tends to be a more productive motivation than the threat of losing something. If we struggle to find a positive framing, it’s okay to employ an avoidance motivation. We recommend a positive to negative ratio of no less than 2:1.


  • I want more energy.
  • I want to experience a long life enjoying my family and loved ones.
  • I don’t want to have a heart attack (as the men in my family before me have).
  • I want to demonstrate that I can lead myself.
  • I want to be a good example for my family.

Step 3: Identify Possible Obstacles
We’ve all experienced the pain of Murphy’s Law. As soon as we start swimming against the current, we will begin to feel resistance. It’s as if creation itself conspires to keep us from achieving our goals. That’s why we must anticipate these obstacles and build strategies to overcome them. Researchers call these strategies implementation intentions. And they work.

  • Obstacle: Mindlessly stopping for lunch at the fast-food restaurant closest to my next appointment.
  • Proactive Steps: Pack a lunch or plan to eat a healthy meal at a certain restaurant.
  • Obstacle: Difficulty working out on the road.
  • Proactive Steps: Make sure the hotel has a workout room before booking, pack my workout clothes and shoes, have an accountability partner check-in.
  • Obstacle: Drinking soda throughout the day.
  • Proactive Steps: Remove soda from the house and don’t carry cash to avoid the temptation of going to the vending machine at work.

Step 4: Experiment with New Habits
We are more likely to achieve our future goals if we develop contributing habits now. We can begin by clarifying the habits that will be most impactful in accomplishing our goal. Then we can experiment with them and tweak them based on our results.


  • Drink 80 ounces of water a day to stay hydrated.
  • Eat healthy snacks like raw almonds, celery, and carrots.
  • Chose grilled meat, preferably chicken or fish, rather than beef.
  • Exercise three times per week for at least 20 minutes.

Step 5: Stay Focused
At some point, we may find ourselves getting off-track, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up. Sometimes it’s two steps forward and one step back. The trick is to shake it off and re-set. We may need to outline our motivations again or recalibrate our habits or even change our entire strategy.

  • A newly identified motivation is to fit into a favorite suit jacket.
  • An injured ankle is the latest obstacle to running. Is it possible to swim or just walk?
  • Weight-loss has plateaued. Maybe it’s time to alter the eating plan or exercise routine.
  • I can’t get traction on my own. So, I’ll explore personal training options.


Final Thought: Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying, “Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” Let’s identify what we really want and start chasing it down!

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Sherri Ferrell

“Whether it’s using a self-assessment process to identify ways to improve board effectiveness, leading the board in strategy development and succession planning, or assisting with CEO performance evaluations, Ethos is skilled at assessing the scope of a board’s needs and devising strategies to help improve their performance and the performance of their organizations.”

Sherri Ferrell
Chief Executive Officer, West Virginia Primary Care Association
Lisa Jones

“I cannot say enough great things about the strategic planning process with Ethos. The process was not only fun but truly engaging. Becky and David were able to take a multitude of ideas from more than 30 participatory team members and help consolidate them into a workable functional plan. I will definitely use Ethos again for strategic planning and other leadership consulting needs!”

Lisa Jones
Chief Executive Officer, Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center
Renee Steffen

“Ethos was a true consultative partner in our strategic planning process. They listened to our organization’s feedback and were flexible in incorporating modifications into the process in a way that demonstrated they valued our organization’s culture and history. In addition to walking alongside us every step of the way, Ethos’s facilitation skills are top-notch. They helped move the conversation forward during critical breakthrough moments while ensuring everyone felt heard and valued. Several of our board members commented that it was the best strategic planning process in which they had ever participated. I can tell Ethos has a passion for helping clients move forward in a positive direction and this positive energy was highly evident in our experience working with them. We weren’t just another client but rather, we were a valued partner in the work!”

Renee Steffen
Executive Director, Sisters Health Foundation
Stacy DeCicco

“Our work with the Ethos team has impacted nearly every facet of our organization. Our initial experience engaged our board in a strategic thinking exercise. This half day event was originally scheduled to be an isolated experience; what it became was a launching point for organizational growth, professional development, and intentional, sustainable efforts. Our amazing experience within the strategic planning session brought mission and vision centered decision making to life for our team. The conversations of that day were not simply discussions that were archived and put on a shelf at the end of the meeting. They quickly transformed into digestible, attainable action items. Immediate implementation was possible because of the ongoing support and facilitation we received from the Ethos team. That energy and momentum flowed from the board, through our team, and out to the agencies that we support and engage across the community. We are a stronger organization because we are now able to execute our mission and serve our community better than ever before. The investment Ethos has made with us has created ripples that are felt further than they can ever be measured!”

Stacy DiCicco
Executive Director, United Way Alliance of the Mid‑Ohio Valley
Greg Franks

“Having served in leadership roles for several property management companies, I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous consulting firms. My experience with Ethos Leadership, which involved an operational analysis of an active adult community with more than 16,000 residents, was one of the best experiences.”

“After spending two weeks embedded with our operational team and reviewing hundreds of documents, Ethos provided a comprehensive analysis and set of recommendations that addressed HR, Infrastructure, Leadership, Finance, Programs & Services, Planning, and Customer Service. Following Ethos’ analysis, we executed a plan to adopt sixteen (16) actionable steps that improved our operations while honoring the culture and values of our company and our client.”

“This entire experience set in motion a plan of execution that the community and its residents have benefited from and will for years to come. I highly recommend Ethos and their entire leadership team.”

Greg Franks
Vice President Southeast Region, AAM
Lisa Leach

“I best describe our organization’s experience of leadership development with Ethos Leadership Group as a journey of discovery that leads to building effective teams who are willing to break the silo mentality that often holds organizations from reaching their true potential. I have watched members of both our Management and C-Suite
levels grow and mature through the process Ethos Leadership Group has developed. Staff actively participates in assisting each other to achieve interdepartmental and strategic goals and share in each other’s successes rather than focus on one another’s missed opportunities. Through the discussion-based approach, our management team has learned to feel more confident in their decisionmaking abilities resulting in more effective and timely decisions. Ethos does a tremendous job of defining characteristics of effective leadership and helping staff to identify how their weaknesses and strengths can work in harmony to achieve organizational goals.”

Lisa Leach
Chief Executive Officer, Southern West Virginia Health System
Wendy Gall

“My time participating in the Ethos Executive Coaching program was a pivotal point
for me both professionally, as a new leader, and personally. Based off of a deep understanding of me as an individual, my coach was able to provide invaluable
insights and practices that helped guide me at a time in my career that was, I have to admit, a bit overwhelming. Our insightful discussions, along with the relationship that grew throughout our time working together, challenged me to grow in my areas of weakness and build on my strength, helped me formulate my thoughts around my leadership style, and provided me the tools and support I needed to gain confidence in becoming the authentic leader I am today.”

Wendy Gall
Director, Customer Care Strategic Initiatives and Innovation, First National Bank of Omaha
Enderson Miranda

“Ethos Leadership has been a trusted partner of OnSomble for several years. All members of our executive team trust and rely on Ethos’ expertise and advice. I have personally benefited tremendously by having Ethos available as a sounding board for strategic decisions over my years as COO and CEO at OnSomble. I can confidently say that Ethos consistently plays an important role in the continued growth and success of our company. I would unequivocally recommend the Ethos Leadership Group to any organization that wants to excel.”

Enderson Miranda
Chief Executive Officer, OnSomble, Inc.
Craig Glover

“The team at Ethos Leadership Group are great partners. They listened to my goals and developed a plan specific to my needs. Often, leadership groups have one approach they try to use for every situation. Ethos is different. Their various tools and approaches allows them to develop a custom plan for your organization.”

“The onsite work with the Ethos team was excellent. They are interactive, engaging, and fun. The session felt like a group of friends having a candid discussion as opposed to a work session. I highly recommend working with Ethos Leadership Group.”

Craig Glover
President and CEO, FamilyCare Health Centers
David Ray - Ethos Leadership Group

Ethos Team:

David Ray

Chief Strategy Officer

In 2017, David joined Ethos as the Chief Strategy Officer after leading and advising in the non-profit sector. An organizational troubleshooter and natural synergist, David leverages his analytical and relational skills to help clients take their business and team to their desired next level. With a passion to see others live and lead well, David enjoys connecting leaders to evidence-based practices to boost leadership capacity, build human capital, and improve organizational performance. David particularly enjoys working with clients through strategic planning, executive coaching, and team development.

Fast Facts:

  1. Started his own property investment company at the age of 24
  2. Certified Human Behavior Consultant
  3. David enjoys spending time with his family, traveling to islands, and pretty much anything that has to do with personal development
Rebekah D. Mathis-Stump, J.D. - Ethos Leadership Group

Ethos Team:

Rebekah D. Mathis-Stump, J.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Becky joined Ethos in 2009 after leading the daily operations of five distinct work teams over a ten-year period. An analyst and solution-generator by nature, she works with clients to identify their needs and develops a plan of action to reach their desired results. Having worked in numerous disciplines in her career, Becky is a generalist who brings a broad range of knowledge and experience to our clients. Becky particularly enjoys working with clients on organizational audits, strategic planning, employee training, and governance.

Fast Facts:

  1. Lived in numerous states growing up, finally claiming West Virginia as home after marrying a native son, Jeff Stump
  2. Received life membership in The Order of the Barristers — a national honor society
  3. Becky enjoys reading, golfing, and cheering on the West Virginia University Mountaineers
Dr. James A. Johnson - Ethos Leadership Group

Ethos Team:

Dr. James A. Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

In 1988, James launched our enterprise with a vision for enhancing the image, credibility, and ethics of companies and nonprofit organizations through training and coaching. As Ethos’ founder, he is our chief transformation officer – encouraging us to dream bigger dreams and mentoring us to achieve them. James brings this same passion to our clients, skillfully blending inspiration with practical application in his work. James’ primary areas of expertise include leadership and communication.

Fast Facts:

  1. Great Plains Development Officer at Pheasants Forever.
  2. Received President’s Volunteer Service Award (presented by President George W. Bush)
  3. James enjoys spending time with his wife (Lesa), hunting, golfing, and riding motorcycles